Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Decade Hop

I realise that lately I have been very busy organising and/or just enjoying many amazing events and in the process have worn clothing from numerous decades. So, by way of a catch up I present to you 2 months worth of outfit posts. Hold on to your (vintage) hats!

At Bar Italia's 65th birthday celebration in my 1950s French linen jacket

At the same event in a vintage 1950s blouse
Hanging with Hayley on Brick Lane in a Vivien of Holloway skirt

Enjoying myself way too much in the silent disco at the RA's Midsummer Nights Fete, which we (The Vintage Mafia) organsied the fete in the courtyard for

At the same event - tired and cleaning up the bunting! 1950s Horrockses dress

With Louise at the Double R Club being a Twin Peak's 52 Card Pick Up Girl
Being all fancy with my pal Charles at the Excelsior Club. All clothing 1950s vintage
Charlestoning the night away with Auntie Maureen at The Vintage Mafia's secret Ric Rac Club at Prohibition
 The Vintage Mafia - clothing all from Angels 

At Kew Gardens in 1950s Jacket - part of skirt suit and Freddies of Pinewood pedal pushers

Chap Olympiad - Outfit No.1 from Collectif 
Chap Olympiad - Outfit No.2 Vintage 1950s from Portobello Market

At Kelmarsh History Live! French Resistance. All clothing vintage french workwear from eBay etc

I'm exhausted just looking back at it all!


  1. Oh Jenni, what a fabulous array of ensembles. I scrolled through the photos three times just to soak up all the multi-decade awesomeness. You are really lucky to be able to pull of so many eras so sensationally.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Those are fabulous outfits.

    Do you have a clear vision of what your 'look' is when you're shopping, or do you find you just buy stuff you like and it all comes together? I always feel like there are about three different people sharing my wardrobe, each with her own style!

  3. Ahhh I follow your instagram and have seen some of these outfits but gosh seeing all them together just remind me of how fabulous your style is! That Horrockses dress is soooo stunning! And even a simple outfit with your VoH skirt looks ridiculously good on you! It must be your presence and your gaze and your hair and your pout... you are sooo beautiful!

  4. Amazing set of photographs, love the styling from head to toe :)

  5. My goodness you are gorgeous, and your outfits look divine! I'm dying over that 3rd photo - if you told me that it was taken in 1957 or something, I wouldn't even question it.

  6. Wow, what fun all of this looks like! I often wonder if there are similar vintage events in Chicago that I just don't know about. The Portobello market dress and the Horrockses dress are so stunning!

  7. Such a great bunch of great outfits!

  8. Amazing outfits and photos. Love the Horrockses dress. Looks like you have been to some really great events.

  9. These photos are just amazing! Like Erin, I also wonder what kind of vintage events are in my area. I've been to a few, but when you ladies dress up it looks like so much more fun! Suzette | TrySomethingFun.com