Sunday, 13 April 2014

Knitting Adventures.....The Gimmick is finished!

Remember The Gimmick...the knitting project that I wrote about aaaages ago? Well it's finished...finally!!! I started it in November and put it down a couple of times to knit a scarf over Christmas and also to make my little hat. But here it is! It's not perfect, but I'm pleased with it! Right near the end I dropped loads of stitches off of the needle while I was knitting while also watching Breaking Bad (muti-tasking badly), and tried my best but unfortunately couldn't quite fix the mistake  completely. Oh well! I've also sewn one of the sleeves up a bit too tight, but not dramatically so its fine.
What do you think? I think that I really need to get a vintage strapless bra because I dont like the roundness that this modern one gives my bust under this sweater. I'd much rather have more of a point like my other bras. 
On to the next project!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

New old things

Hello, a quick one from me today with some new purchases and birthday presents. I turned 29 this week, and had a great couple of days off work in which I rode rollercoasters and ate lots of food. Most of the photos taken over my birthday were on film so when they have been developed I'll be back with a better birthday post.

In the meantime, here are some of the new old things that have appeared in my life this week

Bookcase from Spitalfields Market

Telephone chair, also from Spitalfields. Needs a clean!

Beautiful fishy, 1950s Hawaiian dress and bolero. Birthday present from my love

Some flowers. Not old, but very pretty

Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Tartan Treat

I am sure you know by now that if someone wants to send me something, I will only accept it if the item or shop is to my personal taste and more importantly something that you will be interested in. So when I was approached by DotComGiftShop I was delighted to see that they currently sell these darling duffel bags. I have been looking for a nice vintage one of these for ages. The problem I have with bags is that all my vintage ones are tiny, quite fragile mostly quite formal. I don't have any that I can sling over my shoulder to go for a walk to the shop, or take on holiday explorations. I am also fed up with using my precious vintage bags to death; with straps breaking and leather cracking. So, this beauty of a bag not only makes me feel like a 1960s schoolgirl, but it looks pretty cool and is practical too. Top marks!

It also comes in this lovely green and navy colour combination

Coat - Vintage 1960s Junior Coat - Beyond Retro about 5 years ago
Lipstick - Revlon, Red Lacquar 
Nail Varnish - Revlon Red

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Vintage Treasure from Style Me Betty

I dont know about you, but vintage jewellery turns me into a magpie! Pretty, sparkly, old things make me want to gather them all up and hide them my vintage nest. So imagine my delight when a pretty little package of lovely vintage jewellery from Style Me Betty arrived last week!

You may remember my amazing dress from Style Me Betty last year. This fab online vintage store based in Denmark now has a huge selection (currently 29 pages!) of vintage jewellery that is all incredibly reasonably priced. Also, if you are based in the UK and can't afford the US postage rates and inevitable custom charge then its great to find alternative shops that stock great vintage nearer to home. As an added bonus, when you order from Style Me Betty the package seems to arrive really, really fast! Tanya sent this out for me on Wednesday and I received it on Saturday...I've had things take longer to arrive from the other side of London!

So here are a few photos of me modelling my lovely new jewellery from Style me Betty

I love these tangerine dream earrings!
Dainty little 50s fans
Black and Gold 50s rope set

Sunday, 19 January 2014


While searching online for some new hair inspiration, I stumbled across a picture of the beautiful Linda Manning. There isnt much information for her online, other than she was a country singer who was signed to Doke and Bulletin Records in the late 1950s. I love, love, love this hair look. Lots and lots of volume at the top, with some shorter layers around the face, and a very, very long ponytail. I decided to give it a go myself. I have a really good faux hair piece that I use quite often to create big updos, but I've never actually really worn it as a ponytail. But I have to say. I love it! What do you think? I tried smiling like her, but gave up because I can't smile naturally showing my teeth and felt stupid, so I chose to look moody (although I was happy inside!)

Linda Manning